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School Uniform

Family Bank

As we approach the Winter months, the ever-growing increase in the cost of living across the UK and financial uncertainty for many, we are acutely aware that one of the main expenses families face is purchasing school uniform. New research has found that up to 1.4 million school uniforms, a lot which could be reused, are thrown away in the UK every year. This is not only damaging to the environment, due to their high plastic content, but it is also a lost opportunity to pass the garments on to other children and families who could benefit from them.

Therefore, we have come up with a solution that we hope will be well received by our families – OLSTJ’s Family Bank! This used to be our ‘Uniform Swap Shop’, but we have decided to extend the service to not only uniform, but to top up food bank items, hygiene products and baby care products. In the OLSTJ Family Bank, you will have access to

  • OLSTJ jumpers and cardigans
  • OLSTJ PE shirts and hoodies
  • Grey trousers and skirts/pinafore dresses              

There will also be available winter coats and school shoes and trainers, although these at the moment are in limited supply.

The OLSTJ Family Bank will be open for you to access Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 9.30am, starting next week, and can be found in the old school entrance to KS1. There are bags inside that you can use to put whatever you need in and there is no obligation to pay for anything. If, however, you would like to make a small donation then there is a donation box on the wall for this purpose. As time goes on, we would like to develop our Family Bank in-line with what our families really need. Therefore, we also have a suggestions area/box that we would very much like you to make use of so that we can meet these needs.  All suggestions will be warmly welcomed.

We are always very grateful for the continued support and consideration of others shown by our parents and carers. If you have any old uniform that you would like to donate to our Family Bank, please do consider doing so as this will undoubtedly benefit other children and families in our school community.

Many thanks,

The Family Support Hub